👋 Welcome, Sparkler! ✨

If you are looking to find and explore your creative side, look no further! Spark Creative Play is an iOS mobile app that provides a nurturing space that makes it easy and fun to digitally create. Play mini-games and take part in events as you create solo, or with others, and find your community of fellow Sparklers who you can learn from and be inspired by. 

Read on to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please reach out to us at support@playspark.art.

What is Spark?

Spark is an iOS app 📱created in partnership with Youtube Creator Moriah Elizabeth 🌈 to provide a happy corner of the internet for people of any skill level to have fun expressing themselves creatively. We believe that the delight is in the experience of exploring your imagination and bringing your creation to life 🎨, and much less so on the final outcome. We provide digitally-native creation tools that do the heavy lifting for you, as well as fun ways to create on your own or as co-creations with others. Best of all, our community of Sparklers✨ can offer inspiration for your next creation, and it won’t be long until you are inspiring others!

How can I access Spark?

Spark is specifically designed as an iPhone app. You can find Spark in the Apple App Store - just search for ‘Spark Creative Play’, or click on that link! 

Right now, the Spark app is not optimized for iPad and so you may encounter some unexpected issues related to that specific device.

We are currently available in English in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the EU, Norway, Switzerland, and Mexico. We hope to expand to more countries and languages soon. Stay tuned for updates!

We are not currently available on Android and unfortunately we have had a few copycats use our name and likeness to promote fraudulent Android versions of Spark. None of the Spark apps on the Google Play Store are us. We don’t currently have a timeline for when we will be able to release Spark on Android.

How old do I need to be access Spark?

Spark is an experience where you can connect and share with other members of the Spark community. As with many other social online experiences, our standard minimum age to use Spark is 13 years old. This is very similar to other online communities such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

We also comply with local country child protection requirements and so the age requirement to use Spark can also vary by country. Below is the minimum age to use Spark for each of the countries Spark is currently available in.

  • 13+
  • Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States.
  • 14+
  • Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Spain.
  • 15+
  • Australia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Slovenia.
  • 16+
  • Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia.
  • 18+
  • Mexico.
  • Spark's Apple age rating is 12+. This age rating is determined by Apple based on the type of content that is shared in the Spark app and what age Apple recommends the content is suitable for. The concept of Apple's age rating is similar to the guidance you can get for television or movies. Apple's 12+ age rating is equivalent to an ESRB rating of 'Teen'. The 12+ age rating provided by Apple is used to guide the parental controls on the App Store.

    The Apple 12+ age rating is not the age that users are able to access apps because it is not a reflection of the legal age requirements that apps need to comply with.
What can I expect when I come into Spark?
Each day we have three brand new daily sparks you can create which you can access from the easel on the home screen. A spark is like a prompt that can provide you with guidance and some playfulness so it’s easier to get started creating. We have different shaped sparks - circles are sparks based on a prompt idea, squares have a playful element to them, and pentagons are co-creation based sparks.

If you already know what you want to create, you can also access our blank canvas by tapping on the ‘+’
If you ever see a creation made by another member of the Spark community and want to do a version of your own, you can just tap the pencil icon
at the bottom of someone else’s creation to add your own flair to their creation (we call that ‘remixing’). If the pencil icon
is not visible, this means that Sparkler did not make that creation available for remixing. You can also tap the sparkles icon
next to the title of the creation to create your own version from scratch for that spark.

We also host limited time contest and quest sparks. When they are available you will see them as limited time star and starburst shaped sparks in the easel.
What creation tools do you have?

We have focused on creating tools that make creating easier, and more fun, and allow you to bring to life a creation in a matter of minutes. We have new creation tools coming out all the time! 

Our current selection of creation tools includes:

  • Drawing pen and eraser, with adjustable thickness and perfectly straight lines
  • ‘Glitz’ gold glitter pen, with an available upgrade to change the glitter pen colors
  • ‘Magic’ tools, such as animated fairy lights, and automated creation of vines and banners, also with various customization upgrades available
  • Text tool with two different fonts that can support 50 characters per line
  • Lots of easy to use pre-made shapes
  • Lots of cute stickers, including exclusive designs from Moriah Elizabeth
  • Lots of fun backgrounds, including exclusive designs from Moriah Elizabeth
  • …and more!
How can I zoom into my creation?
While in creation mode you can zoom into your canvas to add those finer details. When you are on the creation canvas, and do not have a tool selected, you can use two fingers to zoom in and out of your creation. Alternatively, on the toolbar, tap ‘draw’
and a zoom icon
will appear just right of the color wheel
on the toolbar. Tap that zoom icon
and you can use two fingers to zoom in and out as well as rotate, and one finger to move the canvas orientation. When you are done just tap the return icon
bottom right of the canvas to reset your canvas back to its original state.
How do I fill with color?
If you are using pre-made shapes in your creation, you will be able to select that added shape and tap on the color wheel
to change the color of the border and inside of the shape. If you see a color on the canvas you want to match, open the color wheel and tap on the pipette icon
and use it to select and match that color.

You can also use the pipette icon
when using ‘draw’ pen
to select and match to an existing color on the canvas. We also have a full array of colors to pick from, viewed as a grid, spectrum, or you can determine your own specific HEX color.

At this time, we don’t currently support filling with color for hand drawn linework, but you can use the same color wheel
to select and add color using our other tools, such as with pen and shapes, to fill inside your lines.
Do you have layers?
Yes we do! We allow you to use up to 5 layers while you create. Within each layer you will be able to change it's order, hide or reveal the layer, change the opacity, lock the layer, and duplicate a layer.

We also have a good selection of object management tools that allow you to use your finger to select multiple items to group them together, copy any object or group of objects (including hand drawn objects), flip
and mirror an object
as well as move objects up
, down
all the way to the front
, and all the way to the back
on your canvas.
Can I upload photos to Spark?

Uploaded images can not be included in creations in order for us to protect our Spark community and keep it positive and safe for everyone. However, you can upload images to use for tracing, but they will not be saved as part of your final creation.

If you're looking for a space to talk to other Sparklers and share images or photography, we recommend you join our Discord.

Can I write comments on creations?

We don’t currently allow commenting on creations. However, we do have fun mood emojis you can add to creations so creators can feel appreciated and know how their creation makes you feel.

Can I message other sparklers in the Spark app?

We don’t currently offer that feature and we would need to ensure our community support for each other would remain positive. But, never say never, we will see how the app grows and have this on our ideas list for sure!

How do I co-create with others?
There are lots of ways to work on creations with others!

When there is a pentagon shaped spark available in the easel this is a dedicated creation mode where you will be able to invite others to create with you. But, you don’t have to wait for a pentagon-shaped spark to start your own co-creation. If you see another creation using that creation mode, just tap the sparkles icon
next to that co-creation’s title and you can start a brand new version of your own!

If you see a creation on the Inspiration Gallery or in a sparkler’s Personal Gallery, and they have enabled remixing for that creation, you will be able to tap on the pencil icon
to add your own flair to make a new combined creation. We always keep the original creator’s name when others view the remixed creation so everyone can see the OG and who remixed on top.

You can also tag your creations as wanting other sparklers to 'add-on' to your creation - you can toggle this on when you save the creation and also from the creation settings. Your creation will then appear in a dedicated 'create with others' carousel on the Spark Inspiration Gallery.

Looking for some more ideas on what to create? You can use the idea request feature to ask your fellow sparklers. Go to your Personal Gallery and tap on the light bulb icon. Here you will be able to ask for what kind of inspiration you are looking for and the community will post ideas for you. When you see an idea you like, click it to start creating it. Once you save it the creaiton will automatically be tagged with the sparkler who inspired the idea.
Can other people see my follower count?

The number of other Sparklers following you, and the number of others you are following, can only be viewed by you. And, in the same way, you can’t see other Sparklers’ counts either. 

We made this decision to help our Sparklers stay focused on the joy of creating, sharing, and inspiring, rather than judging themselves and others by a number. Creating is first and foremost for you, and is not a popularity contest. If you create regularly, and share your creations, other Sparklers will discover you and, if they want to keep up to date on all your new creations, will follow you. The best way to gain followers is to keep creating and trying new creation tools! 🌈

I have an idea for Spark!

We are so excited to hear your idea! Please fill out this form and we’ll pass the idea on to our team!

What are Sparkles?

Sparkles can be purchased through the Spark app and used to unlock in-app content as well as show support for your fellow Sparklers (members of the Spark community).

Sparkles can be purchased in different sized packs. The larger the pack the more bonus free Sparkles you can get! 🥳 Details of available packs can be seen in the Spark store. The Spark store can be accessed from the studio home screen by tapping on the gift box icon.

In special circumstances you will also be able to earn Sparkles for free based on achievements and engagement in the Spark app. 💪

How do I buy Sparkles?

Sparkles can only be purchased through the Spark app. From the Spark studio home screen, you can access the Spark store through the gift box icon.

All Sparkles purchases are processed through Apple. Spark does not have access to any payment or personal data related to your Apple account. If you have questions about the processing of your purchase, please reach out to Apple support here: https://support.apple.com/billing. As Sparkles are a consumable item, they are not eligible for refunds.

You can connect any payment methods supported by Apple to make your Sparkles purchase.

For security reasons, there are limits on the number of Sparkles you can purchase in one day and the total unspent Sparkles balance you can have. If you reach any of these limits you will be alerted in the Spark app.

What can I use Sparkles for?

Sparkles can currently be used in two ways.

The first is to unlock in-app content. 🖼️ In-app content includes creation assets such as stickers, backgrounds, and overlays, as well as creation tools, such as customizing your glitter pen and using fairy lights. You can find all available in-app content in the Spark store, accessed from the studio home screen gift box icon and then tapping on the canvas tab.

The second is to show your support and appreciation for your fellow Sparklers. 😻 You can use Sparkles to Pep a verified Sparker’s creation or Personal Gallery whenever you love their style and vibe. When you are viewing a verified Sparker’s creation or Personal Gallery you will see a Pep button top right. Sparklers with a navy heart with Sparkles icon next to their name are verified Sparkers.

You can see details of your Sparkles balance and activity history by tapping on the Sparkles icon on the top right corner of your Personal Gallery.

What is Pep?

Pep is the ability for any member of the Spark community to support a verified Sparker in the app by sending them Sparkles. Pepping is another way you can show appreciation for someone’s contribution to the creativity of the Spark community. 💖

In addition, Spark provides verified Sparkers a share of the revenue Spark receives from Sparkles used to Pep them. The standard share for verified Sparkers is 1.5 cents (USD) per Sparkle used to Pep them. This share may be different in specific circumstances, like during events or promotions.

Only verified Sparkers are able to earn Sparkles through Pep. However, any member of the Spark community, known as Sparklers, can give Pep to a verified Sparker.

For security reasons, there are limits to the total amount of Sparkles that verified Sparkers can earn per day and per month. If you encounter a Sparker who has reached their limit please do try again another time - they would still really appreciate your support!

You do NOT need to be a verified Sparker to be able to Pep someone. You only need to be a verified Sparker to be able to receive Sparkles as Pep.

How do I become a Sparker?

Only verified Sparkers can earn Sparkles through Pep and be able to receive payouts from those earned Sparkles. (But anyone in the Spark community can give Sparkles as Pep to a verified Spark!).

There are four criteria to be able to gain Sparker status.

  1. Be an awesome Sparkler

    ✅ Be in good standing in the Spark community by adhering to our code of conduct.
  2. Be an active Sparkler

    ✅ Create at least three solo creations and use Spark at least five days every calendar month.

    Solo creations are any creations created exclusively by you, including for solo sparks of the day. Co-creations, such as CopyCat and Creature Creator, as well as remixes, are not included in solo creations.
  3. Be a legit Sparkler

    ✅ Setup and connect a verified, US-based Stripe account.

    Stripe is a secure third-party payment processor that we use to send payouts from earned Sparkles through Pep. Stripe will also verify your identity. No personal or bank information is shared between Stripe and Spark. If you have any issues with your Stripe account, please contact Stripe at support@stripe.com.

    We plan to open up the Sparker program to Spark community members outside the US in the future - stay tuned!
  4. Apply for Sparker status

    ✅Opie and the Spark team will review your application and if successful you will need to sign a user agreement. All communication for this step will be done via the email address associated with your Spark profile from sparkerprogram@playspark.art.

    Once that is complete the Spark community can start Pepping you and you can start earning Sparkles!

These criteria will also need to be maintained once you are a verified Sparker. If any criteria is not met this may impact your ongoing status as a Sparker.

You can apply to be a Sparker at any time through the Spark app by tapping on your Sparkles icon at the top right corner of your Personal Gallery. Please be sure to check your email associated with your Spark profile as more key details and important next steps will be shared with you via email from sparkerprogram@playspark.art.

What are Sparkscriptions?

'Sparkscriptions' are subscriptions to Spark that can purchased through the app. These are opt-in subscriptions and are not required to enjoy the existing free Spark experience.

There are three tiers of subscription.

Supporter Sparkscription
$0.99/month (USD)
- You get a special avatar border
- Your creations will be featured in the dedicated subscriber carousel in the Inspiration Gallery

Enhancer Sparkscription
$4.99/month (USD)
You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Multi-month subscriptions offer greater discounts, check the app for more details!
Benefits include everything in the Supporter tier, plus:
- Free use of all the 300+ individually purchasable creation assets, such as stickers, backgrounds, and overlays

Devotee Sparkscription
$6.99/month (USD) special early bird price which will go up soon!
You can subscribe for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Multi-month subscriptions offer greater discounts, check the app for more details!
Benefits include everything in both the Supporter and Enhancer tier, plus:
- Save up to three creations as drafts that you can come back and edit
- Save up to 10 timelapse videos of you bringing your creations to life
- Get double the monthly engagement reward Sparkles each calendar month

Please note, for Sparklers outside the US, Apple automatically converts the pricing of the subscriptions into your local currency based on their determined exchange rate.

How can I manage my Sparkscription?

You will be charged by Apple for the subscription tier and period you select. Payment is tied to your Apple ID and the payment method you have connected to that Apple ID. Spark does not have any access to the data regarding your payment methods.

Your subscription will automatically renew through Apple unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.

You can go to your Apple device Settings --> Apple ID --> Subscriptions at any time to manage your subscription.

Sparkscriptions are handled entirely by Apple and comply with all Apple subscription purchase terms, rules, and policies. Only Apple can make changes to your subscription.

It may take a few minutes for your benefits to become available once you successfully subscribe. You can review your benefits in the Spark app Settings --> My subscription.

What are the terms for my Sparkscription benefits?

For all subscribers:
If your subscription is cancelled, you will only have access to your benefits until the end of your subscription term.

Your custom avatar border will be visible to both you and anyone who is viewing your avatar throughout the Spark app.

As you create publicly viewable creations in Spark they will be shared in recency order in the dedicated subscriber carousel in the Spark Inspiration Gallery.

For Enhancer and Devotee subscribers:
All creation assets, such as stickers, backgrounds and overlays, which are available for purchase will be free for your use in your creations while your subscription is active. This will include previously vaulted as well as current and future released creation assets. This does not include creation tools such as the glitter pen color palette, lights, vines, and banners.

For Devotee subscribers:
Creation drafts are saved on the Apple device you created them on. If you log into your Spark profile from a different device you will not have access to your previously saved drafts on that new device. If you delete the Spark app from the device you have stored your drafts, this will result in your drafts being deleted. Spark does not store your drafts and will not be able to recover them. You can replace your creation drafts at any time but can only have the maximum outlined for this subscription.

You can replace your timelapse videos at any time but can only save the maximum outlined for this subscription.

If you use Spark 15 days in a calendar month, you will unlock 5 extra reward Sparkles in addition to the standard 5 reward Sparkles. This criteria and reward may be adjusted at any time and you will be notified of any changes.

Can you help me get into Spark?

When you enter your email address when you first create a Spark profile, or when you log back in, you will tap a ‘send my link’ button in the app. Once you do that an email will be sent to the email address you provided. Open the email on the same device you are using Spark on. Then tap the ‘verify’ or ‘login’ button in the email and you will be taken back to the app logged in and ready to continue. 

If for some reason you can’t access the email on the same device, or if you have an internet redirection on your email client, then you can use the 6-digit code in the same email and input that into the app directly instead, under 'already have a code'.

Finally, if you don’t see your email within a few minutes of requesting your link, please check your spam folder. Please add mailer@playspark.art to your address book to ensure that you are able to get the magic link from Spark directly into your inbox. If still no luck, try entering your email address again into the app in case there was a typo. If you have parental controls enabled on your Apple device, ask your parents to go to contacts under your Screen Time > Always Allowed > Contacts > and then under Specific Contacts add mailer@playspark.art as well as support@playspark.art. This will allow us to contact you with your magic link to log into your profile as well as email you about any issues or changes to your profile.

If you have requested multiple access links please be sure to use the latest link sent as new links will expire previous ones.

Any other issues, please reach out to us at support@playspark.art and we’ll try to help you get them resolved so you can get back to creating as quickly as possible!

Why was my creation deleted?

Our content moderators work hard to ensure that Spark is a safe space that is encouraging and specifically supportive of creativity. Spark moderators will remove any creation that violates our Code of Conduct. Decisions to remove creations are at our moderators’ discretion.

If your creation is removed we will send you an email to let you know.

Why was my Spark profile locked?

If your profile has been locked, we first ask that you review the Code of Conduct and any emails we may have sent you regarding any potential guidelines you may have accidentally or intentionally violated. If you still have questions or believe you were unjustly locked out of your profile, please send us an email at support@playspark.art.

Your profile may also be blocked if you are not eligible to join Spark at this time. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details on eligibility. Please note these may be different based on specific country.

I think I’ve encountered a bug…

Help the Spark Team remove any pesky bugs! Please fill out a bug report so we can quickly find a resolution!

More questions?

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