The Spark team

The team powering the sparkler revolution

Our team is on a mission to grow and support a community in finding their own playful and creative journey in Spark.

We are a fully remote team and always make time for play (think board games and breaking out of escape rooms)!

Meet the team

Head Sparkler
Some say I am mischievous, but I prefer the term playful.
YouTube Creator
I love rainbows, sprinkles, and painting on just about everything!
CEO, Founder
I like cats, tea, and escape rooms.
I dislike not having cake with my tea.
Head of Engineering
I'm all about fitness and nutrition, except when it comes to cheesecake.
Head of Marketing & Community
I know how to play five instruments poorly, but I CAN sing anything.
Sr. Engineer
If I hadn’t gone into tech, I would have liked to have been a voice actor!
Lead Game Designer
I have played over 4,000 different board games!

Join us!